01 September, 2011


This is why I love travelling in a bus!! Not only does it save you money, but in my opinion it also teaches you the value of money.. You might be wondering how does it make us realize the value of money?? Explaining a complicated thing like the value of money is explained in the economics classes and  stock markets, using various graphs and data..well this is what happened..
I was travelling in a bus one morning..It was crowded as usual when office goers, school students and manual laborers were in a hurry to reach their desired destinations..The bus conductors usually pick up a fight very easily.. So, I was not at all surprised  when I heard the  conductor shout at the top of his voice.. the argument kept on going and soon I was drawn into it.. It so happened that a fellow passenger had paid a “Rupee” less then the usual fare. A Rupee for most of us would be a heavy piece of metal which normally we dislike as it makes our wallets and purses heavy..

But this man was no ordinary person as he kept on denying the conductor the extra rupee. His reaction brought many thoughts to my mind..what would he do with just a rupee?? was it so dear to him?? well I got the answer! The fellow passenger, a laborer, could very well save a few more and afford a meal.. may be something more..have you ever undervalued a Rupee?

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