15 October, 2011


Joining the Indian Army is the dream of many. But only few deserving ones are selected through a rigorous set of tests. To become an Commissioned Officer there are a few criterion one must fulfil.One has to be a graduate, below the age of 25 and must pass the nationwide CDS examination.

       What one must remember is to join the Indian Army,  you should not change your personality at all. If you have it in you you will be selected no matter what. Just give your best try and you will succeed. Taking coaching does not help much. All you need to do is to be fit and have a positive attitude. You should be aware of all the historical legacies of our country and follow the current affairs closely.

Coaching may not be of great help to crack the SSB

The Army bus will pick and drop you from the railway station.

Once you clear your CDS, you will get an SSB joining letter. You would be asked to report to any of the SSB centre railway station. From there you would be taken to the centre in an army bus. You will be made to put up at dormitories of the different SSB Boards. The first test at SSB is the Screening round. It is conducted on the first day itself.Here you would be divided into groups of 10. The groups would be shown a hazy picture. The group members will be given time to identify and develop a story around the picture. The panel of psychologists would then ask each individuals to explain the picture. Be original and realistic in describing the image. One of the group members would then volunteer to form a final story after deriving points from each individual story. After all the groups have finished, results are announced. Around 70% of the the candidates are asked to leave in the screening round itself.

Try to solve mock tests.
 Once you clear the screening round, your stay at SSB is guaranteed for the next 5 days when you would be tested psychologically as well as physically. These tests are randomly organised and you need to be prepared for anything, anytime. The psychological tests include  image recognition and descriptive ability, input retention and reflex abilities. You are not allowed to carry any timing device or any mobile phone to the test halls. If you have doubts of any sort, get it cleared before the commencement of the test as the examiner would not entertain any questions once the tests are underway. To get yourself familiarised with the pattern of questions, do consult a text book on SSB.

Try clearing obstacles for practice

The physical tests are conducted by the GTO (Group Task Officer). The physical tests includes the snake race,group tasks, obstacle courses and problems based on specific situations. These involves both individual and group tasks. Practice running, climbing and jumping to have an edge over the others. Pay special attention to the obstacle course as the examiner would scrutinize you here. Try to complete as many obstacles as possible out of the total 10. In the group tasks, be alert and give ideas to the other members. Do not be aggressive with the others even in commanding.

One of the group tasks

The interview with the President of the SSB Board may take place on any of the five days. Dress smartly and be clear in your conversation with him. He would give you the points which would require elaboration. The generally include description about oneself, family, city/town/village, occupation. general knowledge and current affairs, schooling and college etc. The last interview happens on the last day with all the GTOs, Psychologists and the Vice-President and President of you SSB Board. This second interview does not have much impact on you result. Shortly after the interview the results are declared. The once who clear the SSB are asked to stay back for the medical tests and are given the symbolic white chest numbers.

The symbolic White Medical Chest Numbers

Try to be a balanced person and give in your best effort in each of the tests...All the best..Serve the Nation with Pride !


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  2. If you want to select in defence job than you will have to work hard, physically and mentlly also. SSB

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