21 October, 2011

Stamps !!!

Stamps posses  the finest pieces of history of countries, culture and civilization. The broad variety of stamps from the different corners of the world never ends to fascinate us. We learn about the place, transportation, food, dress and so much more by a small piece of paper. Yet it appears so bright and colorful to most of us. Collecting stamps is the hobby of many people around the world and is often encouraging in blending and knowing the  the culture of the distant lands. Enthusiast go on to become philatelist to show his/her passion for stamps. Here I pay my tribute to the wonder paper which not only helps us in delivering thoughts but in the process creates many.


Italian Stamp- A tribute to Archimedes

Austria issued an embroidered stamp in August 2008. Featured on the stamp is the Clusius gentian (gentiana clusii).

Jamaica’s 2008 Beijing Olympics Stamps : These stamps feature:The women’s 2004 Olympic 4 x 100 m relay team,
Veronica Campbell & Asafa Powell

Oriental stamps from China

“The Camel Postman” from Sudan

Korea commenced issuing ‘Year of the Dog’ stamps’ back in 1970

German stamp- Nefertiti Bust

Italy: WWII Postage Stamp of  Hitler & Mussolini

The legendary Okapi Postage Stamp: Cuba

Tunisian Postage Stamp: Hands of an African black, and an Arab create the shape of Africa

Soviet adventure in Antarctica 

Traditional “Fijian Houses” stamps

Pakistan 1976: Strip of five UNESCO-stamps with a panoramic view of the ruins at Moenjodaro

Originally published in “United Nations Postage Stamps” by the United Nations Department of Public Information, New York in 1956

Egyptian Pyramids

The Nataraja Stamp for 2 Annas

Man Lands On The Moon

World Cup Winner- Pele

Rare Red Mercury Stamp: Austria

Marking the Red Revolution in Russia

Stamp from Sierra Leone

Birth Of Christ: Chile

Tribute to Democracy

Postage Stamp showcasing Zambian Railways



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