28 October, 2011


Owl standing right, head facing. Reverse of a silver tetradrachm from Athens 480–420 BC

Money ! Its been around for ages. Serving as a medium of exchange for the various transactions that happen in an economy. The transactions were simple and could well be met using the barter system earlier before the invention of money. However as time elapsed, there were complex transactional demands that required a common denomination for exchange. Money was thus born. Coins were the earliest form of money as paper was not invented that early in history. The availability of metals and the abundance of craftsman ensured that there were an abundant supply of coins. The first coins were made of Bronze, Silver and Gold. Emperors never left the opportunities to stamp their authority by formulating coins bearing their images. Coins do help us in many ways. It is a store house of information with details of the ruler, date and the kind of times. Many people take up the collection and study of coins as an engaging hobby. Numismatics by itself may be a full-fledged professions. Its is a spectacle to witness some of the amazing coins from around the world.

A Roman Solidus

Persian Achaemenid Coin

Apollonians Coin

Australian Holey Dollar

Soviet Union Coin

Roman Emperor: Julius Caesar

This gold coin reveals the veiled head of Julius Caesar on the front side with emblem "CAESAR COS TER". At the back of the coin is a lituus, a jug and an axe with emblem "A. HIRTIVS P.R"

The Mysterious Bee Coin

These coins do tell us stories of the distant times and distant places..Its amazing how they fascinate most of us till today in the world of credit cads and traveler's cheque.


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